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Plastic Injection Moulds & Molding

Download Mould Design pdf PPT books. Learn types of Runners, gates and Designing Mold Layout. Mold Design references. Learn to Design Plastic Injection Moulds, what steel to use for Plastic Injection Moulds, how to qualify the Molds for Mass Production & Know the Mold Technology. Download Molding Process trouble shooting guidelines, Plastic Injection molding text books. Injection Molding study Books, Mold theory Books

Plastics Product Design

You can Download Plastics Product design pdf ppt books here. Product Design Handbooks, learn how to design for manufacturability (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA) & know the best practices for Product design. You will also learn about how to design for better Tooling and Mold making, considering the undercuts for Product Design, learn how to Design the ribs, gussets, stiffeners and Bosses


Casting, Download Casting information and Technology study material. Casting Information free eBooks in pdf ppt formats & presentations about Die Casting Dies, Sand Casting, Metal Casting & Investment Casting. Know Fundamentals of Die Casting & other Casting Processes.

GD & T

GD&T, Download free eBooks in PDF PPT formats for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. Learn how to define the tolerance for the drawings & assign the GD and T. Learn about different GD&T symbols and application for various purposes. Download GD&T Text Books.

Gear Technology Books
Download Gear Technology pdf ppt Books. Learn to know about the Gear terminology - Gear Design, Gear accuracy, addendum, dedendum, contact ratio & clearance. Learn about Plastic Gears, Gear Materials and formulas. Generate the Gear calculation fomulas by Gear calculation exe file.
Welding & Joining Materials

Download Welding & joining materials ppt Pdf books for Plastics and Metal parts. Learn Welding technology, types & symbols. Know how to apply welding symbols to drawings and their meanings. Learn about different kinds of Welding processes, Plastics joining & metal Welding.